55$ per person

Kalaw ~ Innle Trekking ( 3 days Tour)

Duration: 2 nights 3 days


            After your breakfast , we can start from your hotel at 8:00 Am. we are going to pass the Pine forest about 2 hours. So pleasant and quiet place you have ever been to Kalaw.On the way of trekking , you will enjoy the Colonial building.The way of trek is so different the other ways.Mostly are going along the mountain ranges.At least,  you will go up two mountain but not hard.First vilage is lut pyin . this is so nice that  place to take rest and enjoy the beauty of landscape such as Rice field and seasonal plantations.Than, we go down the hill and passing the creek and Pine forest again .About 45 minutes we arrive the Cabbage  and sweet chilli  plantations. So we reach to our lunc h village .It is called  ‘ La Ming village” ( Da nu Tribe).we have the lunch at local local house. we take a break about one hour. Afternoon about 1 :00 Pm we conti nuous the trek from the village . On the way , you must pass the Mountain Rice plantation like Terrace .some time  a little go up and go down the Mountains. Then, we will walk along the  mountain ranges about one hour. We arrive the Pa O’ village .It is called ( Pine Nwe ) From there you must see the traditional hand weaving workshop. We visit the whole village and  way of living one house after another.you will be seen the real ethnic people in the village.After going through the stretch of chilli plantations we arrive the overnight village .it’s called  Kone Hla ( Da nu tribe). We sleep at local house with the family . The whole day walking hour is about 5 hours.( 21 km)

Day ( 2 )

             After the breakfast, we leave from the village and go through the Pine forest untill lunch . That is the most beautiful place than the other trekking ways. From there you have to climb up some mountain . It have to walk 2 hours .After passing the Rock mountain we get to the village. It’s called ” pat tu village” ( Pa’ O’) . The large village and busy village  in this area. You can take  the photo and visit the ancient monastery and  local school. We have the lunch at local house and take a rest about one hour     more.Then ,we go up the some mountain and forert .On the way you will enjoy the landscape of our Virgin land.About one hour more , you will reach the Innle entrance fee counter .you buy the ticket and go ahead the overnight village . Mostly are going down the mountain and forest till overnight village.When you are walking the trekking path, you will see the lake over the mountain. So I recommend you to choose when you make a decision to trek , you must try it our new way.you will be satisfied our trip.

             After 4 hours walking , we arrive the overnight village. You will sleep in the local house with family .The house is close to the Jetty of Innle lake.If you have the time , you can visit the village and tomato plantation by small boat.The whole day walking hour is about 6 hours. (nearly  25 km)

Day ( 3 )

The last day ,you should get up early because you should enjojy the sunrise by boat. Only by boat on the lake. You will visit around lake by boat such kind of place –

Floating garden

Sliver Smith workshop  /   Black smith workshop

Traditional umbrella workshop

Traditional boat making workshop

Paung Daw OO pagoda

Pa daung hand waving workshop

After visited ,we  go to the  ” Nyaung Shwe city ” by boat.We have the lunch at local restaurant on the lake.


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