60$ per person

The new way of trekking  from Kalaw to Innle lake

Duration: 3 days 2 nights

       The new way of trekking  from Kalaw to Inn le lake

Day (1)

Aftering having breakfast  at 8:00 am, we pick up you from your hotel to starting point. It take 20 minutes. We start to walk at Myin Ka village . the tribe are Da Nu and Taung yoe. At village , you can see the plantation and ploughing by using the Buffalo .about one hour we get to the” Peain Ne bin “ village. The tribe is” pa laung’.that place the only one you can see the real tribe and their traditional dress and way of living.you must take a photo along with you. After visiting , we go to the Lunch village.It is called “Taung Ni” .About  1 hour ,we process to” za ti gone” village . on the way we overpass to the mountain ranges an field. This village is so quite and peaceful. From there you can see the Pa o tribe.After that we pass the Hin Khar Pin village “ Pa O” tribe.then pass to another village .It is called “Lwe Ma Khan” villgae. This is the Ancient villge around Shan state. All of are Da Nu Tribe.Finally we to the overnight village.Night at Monastery.the whole day walking hour is at least 5 hours and 30 minutes. (22 km)

Day (2)

Aftering finished  the breakfast, we go to the Kan par Ni village and Kone lwin village. From the village , you will see the Black smith workshop and Pottery Making. The tribe are da Nu and Taung yo’.After that , we go to the Lunch village . It is called SuU Pan Inn village. The people are danu.In this village you will see the Bamboo Besket waving . We have the lunch at Monastery. About 2 pm we start to our trek . On the way we pass the Myin Twin village .All the people are Danu and Da naunt tribe.then passing the Chaung Char village.you will see the Plantation an Bamboo forest along the way. There are a lot of Bamboo and shady tree. Later we climb up the Mountain ranges about one hour . Finally we get to the Overnight village .It is called Wha Gyi  Myaung village . this villahe is at the top of the Mountain which can see the lake over view. If you have enought time , you can visit the whole village and Plantation.we stop an overnight  at ancient monastery ./ Walking hour is 5 hours at least.)( 26 Km )


Aftering finished the breakfast , we go down to the Inn Le Lake. And there is a option to enjoy the Sun rise from the monastery. This one you should not miss. Firstly we get to the Kaut Nget village. Danu and Taung yoe tribe. Then we go to the’ ywe pote ‘ village.we can see the way of living and daily life. All of village are spreately to the other tribe. About 3 hours walking , we pass the forest look like Jungle. Mostly are going down to the hills. About  one hour walking ,we get to the Khaung dine village which is close to the lake.This is our ending point. We have the lunch at restaurant and you car pick up you to your hotel. ( walking hour is 4 hours) ( 17 km)

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