50$/ per person

Trekking From Kalaw to Inle lake { 2 days 1 night}

Duration: 2 days 1 night

Day(1) [21km]

After your breakfast at 8:00 am, we take the taxi to the starting point about 1 hour. It is la maing village . From there we trek to Pin Nwe village in which you can see the Hand weaving by a old woman in a bamboo house. We take a look and go to “Paw ke” village ( Pa’O tribe). About 2 hours walking we get to the plain. We have to pass the seasonal plantation such as chilly, rice, corn and wheat. Round a bout 12:00 am, we arrive at Lunch village. It’s called Kone hla ( da nu tribe). We have the lunch and take a nap about one hour. After that, we continuous to the overnight village. It’s called Put tu paut village. On the way we go through the rice mountain plantation and Pine forest about two hours. About 4 pm, you will get to the overnight village. We sleep at local house with family.


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